Rob Rave's Bodacious Garden Tip(s):

April 25th, 2015

  • Apply crabgrass preventer now to your lawn.
  • Apply mulch to your landscape beds.
  • Watch for frost warnings. Cover tender perennials and new growth on shrubs.

In Bloom, In Stock - 

  • Mountain Pinks and Forsythia in full bloom!
  • Special selection of $15 shrubs in 2 gallon pot
  • Mulch in stock - brown, red, and black.
  • Fruit trees in stock. A good tip is to use two different varieties to cross pollinate and yield a better fruit.

Bodacious Spring Sale!

  • Spend $100 to $250 - Get $10 OFF!
  • Spend $250 to $500 - Get $25 OFF!
  • Spend $500 and up - Get $60 OFF!

Landscape Consultation -

Now is a good time to contact Rave's Landscaping for your landscape consultation. Our landscape professionals have been beautifying Northeast Pa for over 55 years, and can design and install all aspects of landscape construction for the home or business. Sign up now for a free consultation