Perennials are one of our specialties. We strive to stock new and unusual varieties each and every season. Not all perennial varieties are available all year long. Some will have to be special ordered from time to time depending on the time of year. Our inventory varies day to day so please call ahead for availability @ (570) 675-4537.

For Reference

Please see the Rave Landscaping Perennial Selection & Design Guide to take most of the guesswork out of your planning. If you're new to perennials, please also see our Perennial Tips & FAQs page as well.

Botanical Name - Common Name

Achillea - Yarrow

Agastache - Hyssop

Allium - Flowering Onion

Anemone - Windflower

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Aquilegia - Columbine

Arenaria - Sandwort

Asclepias - Butterfly Weed


Astilbe - Plume Flower

Astrantia - Masterwort

Baptisia - False Indigo

Campanula - Bell Flower

Centaurea - Cornflower

Coreopsis - Tickseed

Crocosmia - Montbretia

Delphinium - Larkspur

Dianthus - Pinks

Digitalis - Foxglove

Doronicum - Leopard's Bane

Echinacea - Coneflower

Eupatorium - Joe Pye Weed


Gaillardia - Blanket Flower

Geranium - Cranesbill

Geum - Avens

Gypsophila - Baby's Breath

Helenium - Helen's Flower

Heliopsis - False Sunflower

Helleborus - Hellebore

Heuchera - Coral Bells

Heliopsis - Orange Sunflower

Hemerocallis - Daylily

Hemerocallis - Happy Ever Appster Daylily

Hemerocallis - Jersey Earlybird® Daylily

Hemerocallis - Trophytaker Daylily

Hibiscus - Rose Mallow

Hosta - Plantain Lily

Iberis - Candytuft


Lamium - Dead Nettles

Lavandula - Lavender

Leucanthemum - Shasta Daisy


Lilium - Asiatic Lily

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'Love Story'

Lobelia - Cardinal Flower

Lupinus - Lupine

Oenothera - Evening Primrose

Monarda - Bee Balm

Montbretia - Crocosmia

Nepeta - Catmint

Oenothera - Evening Primrose

Paeonia - Peony

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'Eden's Perfume'

Papaver - Poppy

Penstemon - Beard Tongue

Pervoskia - Russian Sage

Phlox - Creeping Phlox, Mountain or Moss Pinks

Phlox - Garden or Upright

Platycodon - Balloon Flower

Rudbeckia - Black-eyed Susan

Salvia - Sage

Salvia Marcush5'Marcus'

Scabiosa - Pincushion Flower

Sedum - Stonecrop

Silene - Catchfly

Sisyrinchium - Blue-Eyed Grass

Stachys - Lamb's Ear

Stokesia - Stoke's Aster

Thymus - Creeping Thyme

Tiarella - Foamflower

Trollius - Globe Flower

Verbascum - Mullein

Vernonia - Iron Weed

Veronica - Speedwell