Rob Rave's Monthly Bodacious Garden Tips


  • March 30 - Spray Dormant Horticultural Oil within the next two weeks to control insect eggs before they hatch. In particular, it helps control white fly, aphid, scale, and lace bug. Some plants are sensitive to horticultural oils so, as always, read entire label directions before applying.


  • Apply crabgrass preventer now to your lawn. Fertilize shrubs and trees.
  • Apply mulch to your landscape beds. Watch for frost warnings. Cover tender perennials and new growth on shrubs.


  • Don't be in a hurry to prune out frost damaged branches from your shrubs and trees - many of these branches will re-leaf.
  • Wait until threat of frost is gone to plant annuals.
  • Watch for Gypsy Moths - Spray with Sevin.


  • Watch for Gypsy Moths -  Spray with Sevin.
  • Keep deadheading your Knockout Roses and perennials to get more blooms.
  • Once blooms are spent, Salvia and Coreopsis can be cut back hard to get a great second bloom.
  • Liquid feed your hanging baskets with Miracle-Gro. And never let them dry out.


  • Now is the time when powdery mildew begins to set in on your perennials and shrubs, particularly bee balm, lilac, roses, and even annuals. Treat with a rose and flower fungicide.
  • From now on and through the rest of the year it is best to use a liquid based fertilizer, such at Miracle-Gro, for your perennials, annuals, and hanging baskets.
  • On your reblooming daylilies make sure to cut spent blooms all the way down to the stock.

August - September

  • Now is a good time to plan for fall color in your garden. We have lots of perennial color this time of year in our yard.
  • Get your extra large, hardy mums at Rave's.
  • Continue deadheading your daylilies to keep them looking great.
  • Apply grub control to your lawn if you've had a lot of beetle activity over the summer.

October - November

  • Apply a granular fertilizer, such as 10-10-10 or 5-10-5, to your shrubs and trees. Always follow package directions.
  • Cut back your perennials and roses. Perennials can be cut back to the ground. Knockout roses cut back to about 12-15".
  • Trim your shrubs and trees. Take out any crossing or rubbing branches on your trees. See our Pruning Guidelines
  • Apply an anti-desiccant, such as Wilt-Pruf, to your broadleaf evergreens. This helps reduce winter burn, whereby the plant loses too much moisture over winter from the cold winter winds and plant tissue can become damaged.
  • Apply deer repellant.