Grand Prize Garden Giveaway

CONGRATULATIONS to our grand prize winners below!!! Please stop in to our plant center to pick up your choice of a Butterfly Garden, Shade Garden, or Long Blooming Perennial Garden. Thank you to all who entered our drawing! This year's winners are:

  • Diane Canty
  • Rose Crane
  • George Golias
  • Kristin Holland
  • Jacqueline Kliamovich
  • Marianne Matysczak
  • Gary Miller
  • Mary Ann Price
  • Mandy Wilmot

All Season thru October  

  • DIY Landscape Design - Wednesdays 8 to 5, Saturdays 8 to 1
    We help design a DIY landscape plan for you as well as walk you through our plant nursery. Bring pictures and measurements. Call Callin at (570) 674-2845 to schedule.
  • Weekly Plant Giveaways - Like and share our Facebook plant posts from Rob Rave to be entered. Plant chosen and posted each Monday on Facebook with the drawing to be held every Friday. Three winners chosen each week.
  • Milkweed Seed Giveaways - The monarch butterfly population is in decline and cannot survive without milkweed. We would like to help support their population and migration by offering free milkweed seeds to all customers. This will also provide a great habitat for other pollinators as well.

Over 130 Bodacious new perennial varieties!

  • We are excited to welcome the arrival of many new and unique perennial varieties for 2017. There are also some new evergreen and flowering shrub varieties for this year as well. See the complete list here

Rave Landscaping

Offering unique design and vision by Rob Rave, we'll create a landscape plan to maximize the form and function of your home or business, customized to your budget.

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